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The Ketton Village History site provides information and resources for the people of Ketton and other interested people. It is intended to be updated by the Ketton Village History Group, and other contributions will be most welcome. This includes oral histories and materials up to the present day, so that events are not forgotten.

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The next meeting is planned for Tuesday 16 May 2017 at 7pm at Carver Court. All are welcome. You can bring along any pictures or artifacts that relate to the village, or just relate to the members your own memories. A token fee of £1 is charged to cover the cost of hiring the room.

Last meeting of Ketton History Group Meeting - 11 April 2017

There was a wide ranging discussion on a number of interesting topics. John Collier raised the question of how Aldgate got its name. It is located on the approach to what is now Hall Close, which is where the ancient Manor Hall of Greenham is reputed to have been located. It was suggested that the name Aldgate could have been derived from ’Old Gate’ or in accordance with the antiquity of Greenham Manor, from some other source. It will be an interesting subject for further research. The discussion on place names continued with members of the group recalling how road names had changed in their lifetime. For example Church Road was Big Lane. David Naylor undertook to summarise the place and street names recorded in the Census returns from 1841 to 1911 in preparation for a discussion at the next meeting.

This led on to a discussion on facilities in Ketton which no longer exist, for example the car showroom at the crossroads and the foundry. There were recollections of bakers, grocers, tailors and other shops, including one at Aldgate.

Some very interesting documents were presented to the meeting. The first was records from the House of Industry (the Parish Workhouse down Redmiles Lane). The menus from 1802 were shared. They seemed to be adequate but the same on most days. The second related to the Ketton Trust – an organisation with many ‘trustees’. It was formed for the purpose of “Fostering public awareness of the need to preserve the distinctive character of Ketton as a stone and Collyweston Slate Village.” The charity was registered on 1 April 1966 and was removed from the register on 16 Jan 2002. The reason given for the removal was “ceased to exist.” The Trust document is to be copied and made available to members of the group.

It was agreed that the next meeting would review the progress on topics that individual members were researching, and also consider the summary of place and street names from the Census records.

The next meeting is planned for Tuesday 16 May 2017 at 7pm at Carver Court.

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