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The Ketton Village History site provides information and resources for the people of Ketton and other interested people. It is intended to be updated by the Ketton Village History Group, and other contributions will be most welcome. This includes oral histories and materials up to the present day, so that events are not forgotten.

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Report on the Ketton History Group Meeting on 13 November 2018

Due to a requirement of the Parish Council for the office, the group met at Carver Court. The opening subject was the 1777/79 Northwick estate rent books which recorded rents paid by villagers for property. It also records disbursements for services rendered by trades people to the Northwick estate. Some of the names are to be seen in later centuries in census records, although most have now disappeared from the village.

Northwick did not have a manor house in or near the village, nor is there any record of him spending any time in Ketton, it appears he was a absentee landlord, his country seat being Northwick Park in Warwickshire, the copies of the rent books were obtained from that counties public record office.

Following this a discussion took place on various trades and activities that had previously taken place in the village and the effect of the loss of same had occasioned. Bakers, butchers, shoemakers and other shops are long gone, some will have been affected by the two world wars, others by natural losses. For example in 1986 the village had a number of shops, Butcher, Baker, Hairdresser (2) Post office/Shop, Newsagents and also a Filling station. We currently only have the Post Office/Shop now that the florists has closed. Regrettably this is not unique to Ketton - shopping habits have changed with people predominantly shopping online or from supermarkets. Local shops in villages and town high streets are finding it difficult to stay in business.

This was the final meeting of 2018.

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