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The Ketton Village History site provides information and resources for the people of Ketton and other interested people. It is intended to be updated by the Ketton Village History Group, and other contributions will be most welcome. This includes oral histories and materials up to the present day, so that events are not forgotten.

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The next meeting is planned for Tuesday 10 September 2017 at 7pm at the Parish Office. 

All are welcome. You can bring along any pictures or artifacts that relate to the village, or just relate to the members your own memories. A token fee of £1 is charged to cover the cost of hiring the room.

Meeting of Ketton History Group - 12 September 2017

7 members of the Group convened in the Parish Office on Tuesday 12th September 2017.

The evening started with Janet Harrington producing a conveyance indenture for 17 Bull Lane, dated 1838. The document was full of interesting information on previous owners of the property and the dates of sale and transference, the earliest being 1784.

This was followed by The Manchester Statistical Society's paper on The State of Education in the County of Rutland in the Year 1838. The comprehensive 12 page document was discussed in detail and took up the greater part of the evening.

An assumption was made as to the population of the County in that year and it was put at around 20,000, of this 5000 were assumed to be children between the ages of 5 and 15 years.

There followed a general discussion on the history of the early 1800's which included the effects of the movement of labour from the land to the industrial towns and cities. The Corn Laws and a brief mention of both the Chartists and the Luddites.

The remaining meetings in 2017 are on 10 Oct and 14 Nov, at 7.0pm in the Parish Office. It was agreed that there would be no meeting in either December or February, the normal monthly meetings to resume in March 2018.

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